Before your medical

Before attending for your medical you will need to complete a self-declaration of health, or form MED160.  It helps to avoid unforeseen delays in issuing the medical certificate if you return it to me by email at the address above or by fax to 01608 684 583 a few days before your appointment.

Document download

You can download the form from the link below. Note that you will require Adobe Reader to view the files.  See the link at the bottom of the page for a free download.

 click to download the MED160 and Instructions [PDF, 243KB]

You will need to provide a urine sample at the time of your medical and it is good advice to avoid high-g or aerobatic flying, helicopter flying or vigorous exercise for 24 hours beforehand.  Any of these can in some circumstances produce falsely-abnormal urine tests.

Glasses or Contact Lenses

If you wear glasses or contact lenses you will need to provide an optometrist’s statement of your current prescription, which should have been provided at the time of your eye examination.  Lens-wearers will need to remove their lenses for part of the eye examination as the medical requires measurement of vision both corrected and uncorrected in each eye.  Some people find that their vision needs a period of adaptation after lens removal and temporarily appears worse than it is; for this reason many prefer to wear glasses instead on the day of their medical.

If your glasses or lens prescription has numbers around or greater than ‘+3′ or’-3′ (or if it has two numbers for the same eye which add up to these values) then please discuss this with me before your medical.  It is possible that you may need your optician to complete a more detailed CAA eye examination periodically.

You are welcome to call me if you have any questions.